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Hello everyone! My journey in teaching health began in University as a nursing student. I was a strong believer in educating my patients about their bodies, illnesses, and medications. As a form of patient advocacy, I took extra time to promote health literacy in efforts to  develop a society that is able and motivated to make informed health decisions and lifestyle modifications that would be long lasting and effective.

I continued working alongside other medical professionals treating and providing symptom management for chronic and acute illnesses. I began to feel annoyed that many medications actually caused more problems for patients. All I could do as a nurse was check their chart for other medications that were prescribed to them to treat the problems they were having from their other medications. There was never enough time in the day to truly talk to people about their health and natural ways to cope with their illness. I’ve been using essential oils personally for a long time but talking to my patients about the therapeutic value of essential oils was not considered “appropriate”. So I took matters into my own hands and started a blog.

Welcome to Essential Oils RN. This website is dedicated to sharing my research on methods to enhance physical and mental health by using nature’s amazing gift; Essential Oils.

Why Essential Oils are an Excellent Complementary and Alternative Therapy

Throughout the years I’ve spent studying human health, I’ve come to appreciate how the body behaves and all of its efforts to survive and serve our needs. I am not of the opinion that modern pharmaceuticals are dangerous, in fact I think it is revolutionary how modern medicine can reverse acute symptoms and restore equilibrium in the body. However I feel that chronic use of modern pharmaceuticals becomes detrimental to our internal body systems resulting in even more loss of health and wellbeing. Our internal body systems (respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, etc.) are  interconnected, therefore imbalance in one system will affect another. For this reason it is obvious that we should be using natural, sustainable, and non toxic ways to prevent chronic diseases and relieve symptoms of acute and chronic illnesses. I have chosen to focus on the seemingly magical panacea that is widely popular and appreciated amongst alternative health communities; Essential Oils. Essential Oil therapy (Aromatherapy) is to be used along side and in some cases alternatively to pharmaceuticals to promote wellness, and reduce illness without compromising the function and integrity of our internal body systems. 

My First Experiences Using Essential Oils

My first amazing experience using essential oils was not directly related to my health. During my last year as an undergrad in University, I lived in an apartment that had crickets! I also had a baby and I was cautious and hesitant about using traditional bug sprays and chemicals that were known to be harmful to children in particular. I began combing the internet for healthy and safe alternatives to bug spray. I learned that pests hate the aroma of essential oils and stay away from even their slightest detection. I sprayed a few drops of lavender oil mixed with water around our apartment. I never saw a cricket again, and my baby slept better from the natural sleep inducing effects of Lavender oil. I was blown away! I told my family and friends about this amazing discovery and I dived into more research about the magic of essential oils. A few weeks later I spilled turmeric powder on a very precious rug. Anyone who loves the numerous benefits of turmeric also knows about the horrible difficulty of removing a turmeric stain. I desperately tried to remove the stain with traditional cleaners without damaging the rug, only to spread the stain even more and make it worse. I decided to try essential oils. I mixed a few drops of all the oils I had with water. I rubbed only a little of my solution on the stain and within seconds the stain completely went away… like magic. At that moment I became a firm believer that essential oils were powerful and divinely created to help us. 

 Why I Want to Help People

I’ve seen how diminished health can lead to tragic experiences, suffering, and sadness for people and their families. I’ve always found it necessary to share what I’ve learned and researched about our health and natural remedies divinely place on earth for our benefit. Education about health can change generations of lifestyles and help people experience ultimate wellbeing and achievement. 

How Essential Oils RN Can Help You

The goal of Essential Oils RN is to share information on how essential oils can promote wellbeing and relieve various forms of discomfort. I also offer my opinion and personal experiences using essential oils, essential oil products, DIY recipes, administration methods, and outcomes. If you find anything of interest on my blog I urge you to share it so that others can benefit too. If you would like to share what you know about essential oils and health please reach out to me with your comments. I would love to hear from you!

All the best health and wellness,

Your Essential Oils RN


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